Evan is a dragon using magician class. It uses staves and wands and channels magic through the dragon, Mir. Instead of job advancements evan makes masteries at certain levels. Masteries are like job advances except a bit different. They are at levels 10,20,30,40,50,60,80,100,120, and 160. They main storyline of evan is that he was living a normal life in a farm and finds a legendary dragon egg that was carried all the way to the outskirts of henesys. Evan finds the egg and grows a strong bond with the dragon, Mir. Later he finds the puppeteer dude’s wooden possessed puppet thing. He says if evan does what he says he’ll be doing something “good.” But, evan falls for it and does everything he says accidently near destroys the world. He later meets Freed whom was the last dragon rider/master (*cough eragon cough*) and Freed tells evan that he was tricked by puppeteer and evan is all “WTF? I WUZ TRICKED?” Even aran shows a bit of part in the evan story. When evan accidently does something bad, aran cleans it up and saves the day. Since, they are a magician class they use staves, wands, INT, and LUK. Also, when you get to level 200 you get a cool medal called the hero’s successor medal! Instead of getting skills from quests like aran they get medals and sp.
Evan pros and cons
-teleport at level 20 and mob skill at lvl 20.
-Pretty much every skill is elemental giving meaning training spots vary alot
-you’re a copy of eragon
– u can max all ur skills lvls 10-50
-quests give extra sp
-Has a party skill that allows to resurrect 1~2 random party members.
-Party skill version of magic resistance
-can deal critical dmg
-Has a berserk like skill except with mp instead of hp.
-Has the skill aurora recovery which gives all party members mp recovery
-20 seconds cool down for DF.
-Magic guard replaces 10% less mp than normal
-no mp eater
-lesser mp because of no max mp increase.
-Dragon only attacks in the direction you are facing
-Slow training speed
Part 1-Before the Egg
In the beginning you wake up in a place that’s like Black Road. Except it’s called Inside of Dream. (or something like that) So, you’re like dreaming and you’re in a forest and you’re character is wondering how to get out. You walk for a bit and find a big dragon. Talk to it and that’s kinda the end of that. You wake up and your mom calls you down. Down jump, and talk to your mom. She’ll ask you to go to Utah. He gives you some really easy quests, like in one you have to kill 10 fox snakes because they were stealing chickens. Oh by the way, you’re in a farm and you’re a farm boy who milks cows and herds pig just so you know.
Just do the quests and they should get you to lvl 10.
Fox Snakes
Strange pigs, Ribbon pigs.
Part 2-The Dragon, Mir
Soon, a quest will tell you to go to your dad Grid (pronounced like the word greed). He tells you to find a missing piglet that ran off. You go to this one map and fall into a hole. In there you find a dragon egg. You keep it and it’ll appear in your skill window. Do more basic beginner quests (like the one where you hit piles of hay and your dad gives you a typical wooden chair) and once you reach level 10 your egg will hatch. Your new dragon, Mir will still have part of an egg on his head and will be light blue-ish. For now you’ll get 2 skills. They are Dragon soul and Magic Missile. Dragon soul is passive and magic missile is obviously active. Magic missile is similar to magic claw. Also, at level 13 or so you should receive your Good Child medal for being a nice and good child.
Dragon Soul= Requires level 10 magic missile 
Level 1=Passive +1 Magic Attack
Level 2= Passive +2 Magic Attack
Level 3= Passive +3 Magic Attack
Level 4= Passive +4 Magic Attack
Level 5= Passive +5 Magic Attack
Level 6= Passive +6 Magic Attack
Level 7= Passive +7 Magic Attack
Level 8= Passive +8 Magic Attack
Level 9= Passive +9 Magic Attack
Level 10= Passive +10 Magic Attack
Level 11= Passive +11 Magic Attack
Level 12= Passive +12 Magic Attack
Level 13= Passive +13 Magic Attack
Level 14= Passive +14 Magic Attack
Level 15= Passive +15 Magic Attack
Level 16= Passive +16 Magic Attack
Level 17= Passive +17 Magic Attack
Level 18= Passive +18 Magic Attack
Level 19= Passive +19 Magic Attack
Level 20= Passive +20 Magic Attack
Magic Missile=An attack hitting twice. 
Level 1: MP -10, 73%dmg
Level 2: MP -10, 76% dmg,
Level 3: MP -10, 79% dmg,
Level 4: MP -10,82% dmg
Level 5: MP -11, 85% dmg
Level 6: MP -11, 88% dmg
Level 7: MP -11, 91% dmg
Level 8: MP -12, 94% dmg
Level 9: MP -12, 97% dmg
Level 10: MP -14, 100% dmg
Level 11: MP -14, 103% dmg
Level 12: MP -14, 106% dmg
Level 13: MP -14, 109% dmg
Level 14: MP -14, 112% dmg
Level 15: MP -16, 115% dmg
Level 16: MP -16, 118% dmg
Level 17: MP -16, 121% dmg
Level 18: MP -16, 124% dmg
Level 19: MP -16, 127% dmg
Level 20: MP -18, 130% dmg
Your dragon Mir, power B. Fore, and chief Stan will give you many of your job quests. One of Mir’s quests will be to get some bacon for he is hungry. Then, he complains to you he’s thirsty so he’ll want you to get milk. Strangely instead of calling you by your actual name he always calls you Master! Now just do the job quests and Henesys pq or train yourself to level 20. As soon as you reach level 20 a mysterious flame will envelope Mir and he’ll change. An easy way to level is to do the quests where you kill 150 Apprentice shrooms and train with a party there.
1st mastery quests= I’ma good kid
Level 10 one from Grid: Kill 20 pigs then go back to your father for some exp.
Level 10 one from Mir: Kill 30 pigs, then tell your dad about Mir.
Level 11 one from Grid: Go left and hit the hay stacks to get 3 hay things to feed Mir.
Level 11 one from Mir: Kill pigs to get some bacon! All pigs drop them .
Level 12 one from Grid: Go to the top of Big trail 1 and talk to the milk cow to get some milk, then give it to Mir who will drink it. 😀
Level 13 one from Gird: He’ll tell you to kill about 20, (I think it was 20) strange pigs. There at big trail 2, 2 maps left of where gird is. Complete for exp and sp.
Level 13 quest from Gird: He asks you to give his letter to Chief Stan in henesys. Go out of the farm and then just make your way to henesys. Then Stan will tell you to get like 20 orange mush caps, then reward you with pots, medal, and sp.
Level 14 quest from Mir: Talk to the light bulb received at lvl 14 above Mir’s head. Mir will want you to find an important person in henesys. Go to Rina and talk to her about blue mushrooms.
Level 15 quest from Chief Stan: Go take mir‘s quest then talk to chief stan whom will tell you to go to Power B. fore. Talking to him gives 1210 exp then take his quest to kill 50 cynical mushrooms which gives 4390 exp and more pots. Then after finished take his next quest to kill 80 cynical mushrooms. Then go to the Power B. Fore’s special training map and there will be many apprentice shrooms. Kill 100 to get pots, 2600 exp, 1 first stage sp, and Power B. Fore’s Training token.
Level 18 quest from Mir: Mir got a message from Rina that Maya is sick again. (why am I not surprised) So you must make her some refreshing Rina’s blue mushroom rice soup. (rice soup is a soup with rice that Koreans feed patients to make them feel better and it sure does especially for me after I got surgery) So get 20 blue mushroom caps to make the soup! And turn them in.
Level 18 quest from Rina: Give the rice soup to Maya whom will then give you exp.
Level 18 quest from Power B. Fore: Talk to pbf and enter his new training map. He welcomes you brightly and tells you to kill 150 ribbon pigs in his map. [OPTIONAL QUEST]
Level 20 quest from Maple Administrator: Gives you Buff that gives 5+ attack, 10+ magic attack, 20+ physical defense, 20+ magic defense, and 10+ speed.
Training Places for First mastery
Level 10-16 or more-Stirges:In kerning city subway. they have decent spawn and exp.
Level 13-20:Faeries and Royal Faeries are in ellinia and give awesome exp. Just watch out for effects.
Level 15-20:Blue ribbon pigs, right of nautilus port are insanely awesome exp.
HPQ is also a option.
Level 10: Magic Missile +3[3] (It is recommended you use 3 snails til level 11 for MM does low dmg. At lvl 10)
Level 11: Magic missile +4 [7]
Level 12: Magic missile +3 [10]
Level 13: Magic missile +4 [14]
Level 14: Magic missile +5 [19]
Level 15: Magic missile +1 [20 maxed] Dragon soul +3 [3]
Level 16: Dragon soul +3 [6]
Level 17: Dragon Soul +4 [10]
Level 18: Dragon soul +4 [14]
Level 19-20: Dragon Soul +6 [20]
You could do other builds the only thing that matters is that you should max MM before DS.
Part 3-2nd Mastery-Burn baby, Burn
You automatically become 2nd mastery when you hit lvl 20. The 2 skills you get are Fire circle and Teleport! Woot, teleport at lvl 20! And guess what else you can max both skills! Fire circle is basically a fun mobbing skill that’s obviously fire elemental. Teleport…You know what that is. You different keys to teleport to different places on the map.
Ur dragon also changed into a bigger one like this: 
And here is fire circle after big bang!
Evan 2nd Mastery Quests= I’m a Perion kid now!
Level 20 quest from Luke: Get 60 blue mushroom caps and give them to Bruce. Reward: Exp
Level 20 Quest from Luke: Get 1 blue mushroom doll (they drop from blue mush), then go to mike and answer his questions in this order: 2nd, 3rd, 1st I think, correct me if I’m wrong. You get 1 second stage sp.
Level 21 Quest from Mike: Get 100 horny mush caps and talk to mike to receive your new Perion Guard Medal (80 hp/mp), 2900 exp, and 1 second stage sp. Talk to mike again and find jimmy in deep valley 1 (idk which map exactly cuz there’s a bug where he sometimes appears in 1 or 2), and give him 10 refreshing stump saps which drop from all stumps. Go back to mike to receive the following: 1 silver mask (2 int, 5 def, and 8 m. def), 3400 exp, and 1 second stage sp. Now get to lvl 23 for the next quest.
Level 23 Quest from Mike: Find the Perion caution sign in east rocky mountain 1 and talk to it, then talk to the other caution signs in East rocky mountains 2-Domain east of perion. Then, you’ll receive 1 silver pendant some exp and sp. Silver pendant stats: +2 LUk 5 def, and 8 m. def.
Level 25 quest from mike (yet again): Now go to ant tunnel and kill 100 annoyed zombie mush and get 1 annoyed zombie mush doll. Give those and get 1 silver wing, 1 sp, and 5100 exp. Silver wing stats: 2 speed, 5 def, and 8 m. def.
Level 26 quest from surprisingly Mike: Go to land of wild boar 2 and kill 100 frightened wild boars and get 1 wild boar doll then you receive 1 silver tail, 1 sp, and 5750 exp. Silver tail stats: +2 jump, 5 def, and 8 m. def.
Level 28 quest from Sabitrama: Whom will appoint you to go to kerning city and ask Alex, JM from tha streetz and Nella about the recent outburst of thieves. First talk to Alex and answer his questions, then talk to JM and give him 50 stirge wings, finally talk to Nella, then Sabitrama to receive sp and some exp.
This concludes the 2nd mastery quests
Now, just kpq or train to lvl 30 and you’ll automatically get 3rd mastery! Congratulations, 3/10 masteries complete!
Training spots for 2nd Mastery
~Kerning party quest=lvls 21-30 Otherwise known as kpq gives bamboo hats and scrolls.
~Zombie mushrooms are a choice at levels 20-23/24.
~******Dark and Mix Golems!***** extremely recommended! Gives prosauce exp
~Zombie Lupins-Ellinia.
Build for 2nd mastery
Level 20: Teleport+1. Fire circle+3 [3]
Level 21-22: Fire circle+8 [11]
Level 23: Fire circle+4 [15]
Level 24: Fire circle+3 [18]
Level 25: Fire circle+2[20 MAXED] Teleport+2[2]
Level 26-30: Teleport+18[20 MAXED]
Simple build 1 point in teleport for mobility then fc maxed, then teleport straight after.
Part 4-3rd Mastery-PIKACHUU!
Congratz, you may have noticed your dragon is now bigger and darker. Your two new skills are Lightning Bolt, and Magic Guard!
Lightning bolt=Concentrates pure lightning energy to deal damage to one single enemy.
Magic Guard=  For a period of time, MP will be damaged instead of HP when hit. If the MP bar is empty, then the HP will be damaged. Only 20 more lvls until u can ride your dragon! During levels 30-39 you’ll be able to do the mushroom kingdom quests and new job quests.
Lvls 30-40 your job quests will involve meeting the wooden puppet of the black wings and serving it, how fun! You will also get your Kerning city life long citizen medal which gives 100 hp and mp.
Make sure you do the quests if you want some good sp.
Lightning Bolt= 
Level 1= Uses 15 MP, 84 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 15%
Level 2= Uses 15 MP, 88 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 15%
Level 3= Uses 16 MP, 92 Damage/Attack, Mastery:20%
Level 4= Uses 16 MP, 96 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 20%
Level 5= Uses 17 MP, 100 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 25%
Level 6= Uses 17 MP, 104 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 25%
Level 7= Uses 18 MP, 108 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 30%
Level 8= Uses 18 MP, 116 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 30%
Level 9= Uses 20 MP, 120 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 35%
Level 10= Uses 20 MP, 124 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 35%
Level 11= Uses 20 MP, 128 Damage/Attack, and Mastery: 40%
Level 12= Uses 20 MP, 132 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 40%
Level 13= Uses 22 MP, 136 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 45%
Level 14= Uses 22 MP, 140 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 45%
Level 15= Uses 22 MP, 144 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 50%
Level 16= Uses 22 MP, 148 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 50%
Level 17= Uses 24 MP, 152 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 55%
Level 18= Uses 24 MP, 156 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 55%
Level 19= Uses 24 MP, 160 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 60%
Level 20= Uses 24 MP, 164 Damage/Attack, Mastery: 60%
Magic Guard=  Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit. Active Skill
Level 1: MP -8; Replace 13% of HP damage as MP for 110 seconds
Level 2: MP -8; Replace 16% of HP damage as MP for 120 seconds
Level 3: MP -8; Replace 19% of HP damage as MP for 130 seconds
Level 4: MP -8; Replace 22% of HP damage as MP for 140 seconds
Level 5: MP -10; Replace 25% of HP damage as MP for 150 seconds
Level 6: MP -10; Replace 28% of HP damage as MP for 160 seconds
Level 7: MP -10; Replace 31% of HP damage as MP for 170 seconds
Level 8: MP -10; Replace 34% of HP damage as MP for 180 seconds
Level 9: MP -12; Replace 37% of HP damage as MP for 190 seconds
Level 10: MP -12; Replace 40% of HP damage as MP for 200 seconds
Level 11: MP -12; Replace 43% of HP damage as MP for 210 seconds
Level 12: MP -12; Replace 46% of HP damage as MP for 220 seconds
Level 13: MP -14; Replace 49% of HP damage as MP for 230 seconds
Level 14: MP -14; Replace 52% of HP damage as MP for 240 seconds
Level 15: MP -14; Replace 55% of HP damage as MP for 250 seconds
Level 16: MP -14; Replace 58% of HP damage as MP for 260 seconds
Level 17: MP -16; Replace 61% of HP damage as MP for 270 seconds
Level 18: MP -16; Replace 64% of HP damage as MP for 280 seconds
Level 19: MP -16; Replace 67% of HP damage as MP for 290 seconds
Level 20: MP -16; Replace 70% of HP damage as MP for 300 seconds
3rd Mastery Quests=What the funny puppet says
Level 30 quest from Mir: Talk to Mir who will ask you a simple question: “Master, What kind of dragon am I?”  Of course you don’t know so you get a book from Jay in henesys (double click to read it) which says stuff about all types of dragons and what-not. Mir will ask you about dragons and answer his questions to finish the quest. You get 1 sp.
Level 30 quest from Jay: Talk to Jay again, talk to Grendal the really old, then Icarus, then Jane in Lith Harbor, then Theo (next to Jane), then Maya, then Ann (one map right of henesys), then Betty (ellinia), then Winston (east perion). Then, Winston will tell you to kill 100 or 200 fire boars. Then talk to Mir again to find out more about dragons and stuff from what the npcs told you. You get 1 sp and 6900 exp. Then talk to grendel and get to level 32.
Level 32 quest from Nella: Talk to Nella and she’ll kindly ask you to retrieve her lost letter from ligators. I got it in like 5 minutes. Then give it back to Nella for 10900 exp. Then inspect the tree trunk in ant tunnel 3, go in and talk to the giant puppet and he wants pots!  Go get him 20 white ones and 30 blue, then he’ll give you some etc. item. Which you give to Sabitrama, then talk to Nella to receive a Kerning city life-long citizen medal, 1 sp, and 2500 exp. The medal gives 100 hp/mp
Level 33 quest from Thrown away Puppet: Get 100 tablecloths and receive 1 sp.
Level 34-35 quests from Chief Stan: Get 2 faerie wings and inspect the golem temple by pressing up at the portal at the right. At level 35 go on a quest to save Camilla from the Volcanic golem, reward is 1 sp and 14500 exp. After talking to Stan, go to Camila whom will thank you with some exp. Talk to Chief Stan,and he’ll tell you to investigate the temple more. So go ahead and walk to where the puppet was where you pressed up. Inside, kill the fire golems until one drops a golem doll. It shouldn’t take long. Reward: 14200 exp, 1 sp.
Level 36 quest from Thrown away puppet: kill 150 curse eyes then get 20 cursed dolls from zombie lupin to get 1 sp and 15800 exp.
This concludes the 3rd mastery quests
Training spots for 3rd mastery
Monster Carnival [lvl 30-50]*****THIS IS EXTREMELY GOOD******
Ludi pq [lvl 35-50]
Mushroom kingdom quests [lvl 30-38]
Kerning Square Quests
Kerning Square Mannequin bunnies and Slushie bastards.
~Level 30:Thunder 1, MG+4
Part 5-4th mastery I’m ice cold
Congratulations, you’re finally level 40 and obtained 4th mastery! Also, means you can now do the pyramid’s net party/solo quest. You’ll be better at cpq now because of your new skill. Your two new skills are ice breath and elemental reset. Ice breath is your second mob skill. Charge for a period of time to create a Ice breath, causing damage up to 6 foes. The longer the charge, the stronger the damage. Mages normally get elemental reset at 3rd job I think but evans get it at lvl 40. IB (ice breath) does decent damage, mobs, and freezes at a certain rate. Also, your training spots will vary more since you have yet again another elemental attacking skill. Since you have an ice skill you could go to cellions which drop red anakamoon and blue moon shoes, 2 mage equips.
Evan’s two fourth job skill effects
Ice breath- Range is similar to that of fire demon or ice demon and you hold the button for an amount of time and charge your attack and cause damage/and freeze up to 6 monsters. 
Level 1: Uses 16 MP, 84 basic attack, 15% mastery
Level 2: Uses 16 MP, 88 basic attack, 17% mastery
Level 3: Uses 16 MP, 92 basic attack, 19% mastery
Level 4: Uses 17 MP, 96 basic attack, 21% mastery
Level 5: Uses 17 MP, 100 basic attack, 23% mastery
Level 6: Uses 18 MP, 104 basic attack, 25% mastery
Level 7: Uses 18 MP, 108 basic attack, ?% mastery
Level 8: Uses 19 MP, 112 basic attack, ?% mastery
Level 9: Uses 19 MP, 116 basic attack, ?% mastery
Level 10: Uses 20 MP, 120 basic attack, 35% mastery
Level 11: Uses 20 MP, 124 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 12: Uses 20 MP, 128 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 13: Uses 21 MP, 132 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 14: Uses 21 MP, 136 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 15: Uses 22 MP, 140 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 16: Uses 22 MP, 144 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 17: Uses 23 MP, 148 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 18: Uses 23 MP, 152 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 19: Uses 24 MP, 156 basic attack, ??% mastery
Level 20: Uses 24 MP, 160 basic attack, 60% mastery
Elemental Reset: A skill that normally flame wizards get 2nd job. It reduces the effect of elemental skills on monsters. (example: You use ice Breath on a pepe, normally it’d do 1k dmg, ER removes the elemental status making it do normal damage as if pepe wasn’t ice attribute) 
Level 1: Uses 12 MP,  5% of element gone, 110 seconds
Level 2: Uses 12 MP,  10% of element gone, 120 seconds
Level 3: Uses 14 MP,  15% of element gone, 130 seconds
Level 4: Uses 14 MP,  20% of element gone, 140 seconds
Level 5: Uses 16 MP,  25% of element gone, 150 seconds
Level 6: Uses 16 MP,  30% of element gone, 160 seconds
Level 7: Uses 18 MP,  35% of element gone, 170 seconds
Level 8: Uses 18 MP,  40% of element gone, 180 seconds
Level 9: Uses 20 MP,  45% of element gone, 190 seconds
Level 10: Uses 20 MP,  50% of element gone, 200 seconds
Level 11: Uses 22 MP,  55% of element gone, 210 seconds
Level 12: Uses 22 MP,  60% of element gone, 220 seconds
Level 13: Uses 24 MP,  65% of element gone, 230 seconds
Level 14: Uses 24 MP,  70% of element gone, 240 seconds
Level 15: Uses 26 MP,  75% of element gone, 250 seconds
Level 16: Uses 26 MP,  80% of element gone, 260 seconds
Level 17: Uses 28 MP,  85% of element gone, 270 seconds
Level 18: Uses 28 MP,  90% of element gone, 280 seconds
Level 19: Uses 30 MP,  95% of element gone, 290 seconds
Level 20: Uses 30 MP,  100% of element gone, 300 seconds
Evan fourth mastery quests involve a secret wall in orbis tower, more of the puppet’s slave driving, and more of figuring out more about the ominous Onyx dragon.
Evan 4th mastery quests:
Level 41 quest from Grendel: Talk to the light bulb, it’ll be grendel, then talk to Mir who will tell you to get 200 skeleton dog’s bones. I think they’re one map after the guild pq site. Give the bones to Mir to receive 1 Onyx Dragon’s Scale and 20k exp. Then, talk to grendel the really old to get 1 4th stage sp and 3k exp.
Level 42 quest from Grendel: He will tell you to go to Chief Tatamo in Leafre. Then you get 1 sp and 2k exp, after that you receive a light bulb. Talk to grendel and receive 2 more sp and 3k exp. Now for the next quest level to 46!
Level 46 quest from Thrown away puppet: The “cougharghgevilalrghcough” puppet will tell you to investigate orbis tower….Go to orbis tower 16th floor and talk to a brick wall npc inside of a new tunnel. Talk to it and receive 1 sp, 1 member of the secret agency medal (120 hp and mp), and 6100 exp. Talk to it again, the brick wall will talk (why am I not surprised) and tell you it needs something and huckle the ugly hermit knows how to make it. Go to huckle at the 10th floor and answer his questions, then get 10 cellion, lioner, grupin tails and 10 fierry wings. The wings might be a bit hard to get. Then you get 2 fourth stage sp and some exp.
This concludes the 4th mastery quests.
Training spots for 4th mastery.
Jr. Cellions and Sakura cellions: Jr. cellions are at garden of red 1 you can use ice breath on them. Sakura cellions drop 300-500 mesos I think and are good exp they’re at purple plains 1. Levels good at~ 42-53
Retz: Helios tower 99th floor, 40-65 nice exp for all of 4th mastery!
STDs: Straw training dummys at Beginner training field one in mu lung. Awesome exp but you might have to cc. Spam IB [ice breath]
Fire boars: Burnt land II, lvls 40-52, Ice breath obviously cuz fire boars are ice-weak.
Platoon chronos: Path of time 2, they drop esther shields so you may want to train here if you don’t have sufficient funds for one. Lvls:46-51
Monster Carnival Party quest 1: Get a party and do 2v2, or 3v3. You may also do 1v1 by getting a 2v2 party and in the waiting room when the timer hits 0:00 quickly leave party then make again to 1v1, you should be able to do room ¾ efficiently now because of ice breath. Also, you can make lotsa money by buying gepharts with maple coins and npc’ing them for 150k!
Ludibrium party quest: Ludi pq! A lot of people did it before mcpq then people stopped but after the release of the broken glasses it’s been getting popular again! Decent exp and nice glasses.
Skill build for 4th mastery!
Level 40: Ice breath+3
Level 41-44: Ice breath +16 [19]
Level 45: Ice breath +1 [20 MAXED] Elemental reset+2 [2]
Level 46: Elemental reset +6 [8]
Level 47: Elemental reset +3 [11]
Level 48: Elemental reset +3 [14]
Level 49: Elemental reset +3 [17]
Level 50: Elemental reset +3 [20 MAXED]