The Technologicall Age patch has been released! Along with the new world:Titan. That makes a total of..what?! 35 worlds? That’s utter madness! 

This is Meisterville. This is where u can choose a proffesion and learn more about proffesions. Proffesions require you to be at least level 30. You can choose to be a miner or an herbalist. If you chose miner you can pick creator or jewelrist! If you are a herbalist you can advance to an alchemist. Exciting! After i talked to Nobum and became a miner I received 1 pickaxe and got a quest to get 1 shining silver ore.

You mine by pressing the NPC Chat button when standing next to an ore. A bar thing will come out and when it’s full an ore will drop.

You now have personality points. When you do certain things you can gain charm, will, hands, insight, charisma, or emotion. The bar with red stuff inside it is fatigue. If you do a lot of mining/crafting you gain fatigue. If you have 100 fatigue you can no longer mine/craft. There is a potion which removes 10 fatigue. It is 1,000,000 mesos in the npc store. Here are the things that benefit from having each personality…

~Charm-more equip slots(Gained from wearing nx equips or getting fame)
~Will-HP and Defense up.
~Charisma-PvP attack dmg+, ignore some of the monsters defense, exp when u die decreased.(Gained from killin boss)
~Hands-Changes success rate of scrolls
~Insight-Higher acc and avoid, u can identify potential items without a glass.
~Affection-Higher MP, Quest exp+

You can level up your mining skill too, like in runescape.

Here my character is crafting a shining silver. This animation appears when you craft. And if you are smithing….

While smithing you get this cool bandana and stuff and you hammer down on an anvil! >:D

Creators can also forge humanoid robots, Androids. You can also get one free one from a quest by Cassandra. Here’s mine!